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Falmouth | Top Small Town in the WORLD

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    Falmouth | Top Small Town in the WORLD

    According to acclaimed travel blogger and writer and author of 198: I ran out of countries, Gunnar Garfors,  Falmouth is the TOP SMALL TOWN in the WORLD!

    We are, of course ecstatic about this, it is our home! But if you have never been to Falmouth, maybe now it the time to consider it. This guy is a trusted source, he has been to every country in the world.. every country.. wow.

    So what does he say about our amazing little town with a population of only 27,000 people. What made it special enough to beat towns in New Zealand, Senegal and Israel to name just a few?

    ‘There is something magical about the county of Cornwall and its idyllic, friendly, and heartwarming towns and villages. The port of Falmouth has everything: small cobbled streets with traditional and not-so-traditional pubs and galleries, a beautiful port, ace views, beaches, and a university that specializes in the arts. Which guarantees some untraditional and fun people.

    Cornwall’s also the best spot for surfing in Europe, so bring your board. Or rent one. Or, just opt for dark sunglasses, get a drink, and enjoy the view. Although don’t you dare leave without having a world-famous Cornish pasty — they can only legally be made in Cornwall. Oggy, oggy! (That’s the slang word for pastry.) Just don’t get too shocked, nor flatter yourself, when the 75-year-old shopkeeper greets you with “Hello, lover!” That only shows the friendliness of the people here, she is probably not trying to pick you up.’

    If you want to read about the other 19 small towns that made the list you can find it all on the Thrillist just here. Decided Falmouth is worth a visit? Check out our hotel offers and self catering apartments and start planing your next visit.