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Rare Pelican Spotted

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    Rare Pelican Spotted

    Twitchers have been delighted that a rare Pelican has been spotted in Cornwall for the first time. It is possibly the first ever Pelican sighting in the UK.

    The rare bird has been seen at Land End, having thought to have travelled to Cornwall from Poland. Bird watchers believe it to be a Dalmatian Pelican, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

    The species usually lives in the Danube Delta in Romania but it is thought it has gone renegade and started its own trip across Europe.

    Rare Bird Alerts say that is has probably been brought to our shores by recent weather “We’ve had some south easterly winds in the last few days. It’s a bit simple to say it’s purely weather but we’ve had lots of other rare and scarce birds turning up.”

    So if you are an avid Bird Watcher Cornwall is the place to be at the moment. Book a room with us here.