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Basking Shark Sighted

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    Basking Shark Sighted

    We have long since know that wildlife thrived in the Cornish waters, but this weekend we have had the privilege of having a basking shark sighted in the waters off the Falmouth Coast this weekend.

    With adults being over 30 feet long, basking sharks are the second largest species of shark found in the world (after the whale shark), but unlike their smaller relative the Great White shark they are harmless peaceful plankton feeders. They return to Cornwall in the early part of the summer, on their journey following the plankton blooms up the west coast of Britain to Scotland.

    Captain Keith Leeves from AK Wildlife Cruises: “Nothing more exciting than seeing these huge iconic and beautiful basking sharks. Popping up in the calm rich waters of Falmouth Bay. With this fabulous settled weather over the weekend more and more basking sharks will be sighted around our beloved Kernow.” (source West Briton)

    So if you want a chance to take a close up look at these gentle giants, now is the time to head to Cornwall. Take a look at our breaks and offers here.