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Murder Mystery Evening

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    Murder Mystery Evening

    The mystery unfolds…

    The year is 1955. An Egyptian hotel in Luxor is the setting for our intriguing murder

    mystery evening. Just who are the overnight hotel guests who have arrived 

    on the British liner, and what is their interest in a certain local gentleman?

    As the evening progresses, the tension mounts, confrontations take place

    and secrets are revealed that lead to….a body being discovered!  

    Having watched and listened closely, are you able to decide who might be the

    murderer? And are they sitting next to you?

    Join us for an unforgettable evening of mystery and intrigue.

    Friday 9th November 2018 From 7 pm

    Enjoy a drink on arrival
    4 Course Meal
    Murder Mystery Entertainment

    £39.95 Per person

    To book call 01326 312671 or e-mail